Moto Guzzi Bikes Model

There are 4 new Moto Guzzi Bike models for sale in Malaysia. The lowest priced model Moto Guzzi V7 Iii starts at RM 66,900 (ex-showroom price) and the highest priced model Moto Guzzi Mgx 21 starts at RM 172,000 (ex-showroom price). Choose the best Moto Guzzi Bike from our comprehensive list and check the prices in your city, images gallery, specifications, ratings and more.

Moto Guzzi V7 III
RM 66,900 - RM 81,900 Ex-Showroom Price
Moto Guzzi V9
RM 73,900 - RM 74,900 Ex-Showroom Price
Moto Guzzi Audace
RM 123,000 Onwards Ex-Showroom Price
Moto Guzzi MGX 21
RM 172,000 Onwards Ex-Showroom Price

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